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Cryptocurrency Investment
Platform advantage

Support Buying Crypto with Credit and Debit Cards

We allow you to easily and conveniently buy crypto with your credit card.

Trade FX with Zero Fees

There is 100% transparency in our platform. No hidden charges.

Up To 100x Leverage

Trade pretty large with up to 100x leverage. No risk of losses.

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You can secure up to $100 welcome bonus on creating an account. Take this advantage now.

Why Evervestorstrades?

High Performance

We use the best VMs online to keep our platform running.

Advanced Functionalities

Our team of experts employ the latest technologies.

Strongest Security

We use cloudflare and bitninja technologies againts DDOs attack.

Access and Support

You can always use our multiple communication streams 24hours a week.

Evervestors Trades and Competitors

Evervestors Trades is one of the best cryptocurrency exchange platforms. It has the fastest response speed,
never downtime, 100x leverage, 0 transaction fees, and unlimited withdrawals for premium members,
and other advantages.

Tp and SL Function
Deposit Options
Trading fees
Native mobile app
Evervestors Trades
Up to 100X
Provides BTC and USD settling
Support orders & positions to set Take Profit and Stop Loss
Bitcoin, altcoins, fiat
Taker:0.075% Maker:-0.025%
Up to 100X
Only BTC settling
TP or SL orders
Taker:0.075% Maker:-0.025%
Up to 100X
Only USDT settling
TP or SL orders
Bitcoin, altcoins, fiat
0.1%-0.2% on all assets

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